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Dr. Mehmet Vedat Özek
Dr. Mehmet Vedat Özek


Dr. Med. Mehmet Vedat Özek was born in 1957 and started his career in 1975 at Rechts D. Isar Clinic University in Munich, Germany. He has been in the USA / Boston, Switzerland / Lausanne, Sweden and Norway to carry out various medical studies and further education.

His medical studies have reached to the highest level in these countries and he has worked in the fields of anesthesia, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, psychiatry, family medicine, rheumatism, pediatric rheumatism, and most recently physical therapy and rehabilitation fields.

Dr. OZEK has made a breakthrough in Turkey's health tourism with the warm climate SCANDINAVE rehabilitation concept (Holiday + Rehab) which has been carried out since 1996 with the Norwegian Ministry of Health.

And he is proud  to contribute  to the training of 100 dozen young doctors and physiotrapists ,in  benefiting from the experience and knowledge he has gained over the years, in cooperation  with the Norwegian (Trondheim, Tromso) and Swedish  (Umea) Universities.



1985    Authorization     Münic / Germany

1991    Authorization     Stockholm / Sweden

1993    Authorization     Oslo / Norway

2010    Authorization     Ankara/Turkey

2013    Authorization     Zurich /  Swisserland


Professional  experiences

15.10.84-03.02.85      Assistent m.d. - München / Germany - Anestesiology                                                               

04.02.85-26.05.85      Assisstent m.d - München / Germany - Internale medicine

27.05.85-15.09.85      Assistant m.d - München / Germany - Surgery

10.12.85-10.10.87      Researcher programme - Cardiac rhythmic disorders - Harvard medical school   Boston/USA

01.02.88-19.02.89      Assistent m.d - Rehabilitation.clin. - Væstervik/ Sweden                       

20.02.89-19.02.89      Assisstent m.d - University. clin. Reumatology dept. - Lund / Sweden


Central hospital  Kristianstad / Sweden

  • Assistent m.d Orthopedic and Sport med. surgery                                                                                  

01.03.90-30.08.90     Assistent m.d - internal medicine    

01.09.90-31.01.91     Assistent m.d -  General medicine                                                                                       

01.02.91-01.05.91    Assistent m.d /Psykiatri                                        

02.05.91-15.10.91   General Medicine                                                 



General medicine



Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

02.02.97- 28.02.01   VHSS og Rit /Trondheim head of dept. of physical med. &Rehab.

25.03.01- 30.07.02   Head of section for  Reumatology policlinic  Rikshospitale - Oslo.

01.08.02- continue   Senior m.d. rehabilitation  centre Borger Bad Hønefoss

05.05.1996- contin.  Head of  Scandinavian Rehab Centre (SRC)  Norway

01.09.2015-continue     Medical CEO - Q-Residence  Clinic stressless and painless life  center - Antalya/ Turkey   

01.02.2017 -continue    Medical CEO  Dr Mehmet health Unit Thalasso - Therapy Center  Barut Hotel - Antalya/ Turkey     


Researche Programs

Researche program  by  SRC , Sunnaas Hospital and RH Oslo
Comparing `The effect of training in hot climates vs cold climates of PPS patients.

Researche program by  SRC and  Dermatological dept. RH Oslo, Consultant Dr. Cato Mork
Optimization of the application of both skin and joint disease treatment in patients with PSA (Psoriasis) at the same time.

Researche program by  SRC and  Rtv Oslo ( Social secutity dept. Norway)
Effect of Rehabilitation  in warm climates for Norwegian patients (long-term sickness) with  general   joint and muscle pains.

Researche program by SRC , Rheumatological Dept .  University OSLO and

Skogli Rehabilitation Centre - Lillehammer vcommissioned by the Norwegian Health and Social dept.
Conclusion of the  effect of rehabilitation in fibromyalgia patients in hot climates vs cold climate


Foreign Languages

Advanced Level
German, English, Swedish, Norwegian and French